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Thinking with an Independent approach

Pedro is a local artist, musician and writer working from Peterborough, UK. He has create and sells original wall-art and many other products from his designs. He also has original music, available both, as a downloads or physical CD's, under an alias. 

Pedro began making portrait cartoons at the age of 9 using his school friends as target subjects and later in high school satirized his teachers on the back of math test papers. His early education was in Art & Design both in Highschool in the 80’s in Portugal and on a foundation course in London in 1996. In 2000 he went onto study Architecture for two years and subsequently worked in Technical Drawing for nine years, of which four was self-employment in London. He completed a Postgraduate Certificate in 2004 at the University of Westminster and in 2021 graduated with a BA (hons) in Popular Music from the Anglia Ruskin University and a Prize for best major project. Now he works in education.

His notable events include; achieving 4th. place in the 2007 EUROCLAD drawing competition, being an Illustrator for a young novelist book ‘Zoe Evan’s Possible Worlds’ by Valentine St. Aubyn contributing with over 20 line drawings in 2010.

Pedro's portfolio extends from the 80's to current works.

In the 90's he self-published two books;

The 69 Plugs Flying Caravan’(1994) – Fanzine like booklet on the stories of his first band.

 The Songs’ by Jorge Romão, (1994) – A collection of lyrics song booklet with photographs.

Delved into the world of assembly model toys creating a ‘Survival Raft Model Toy’ (2005)

Designing multiple artworks for his own album covers and CD sleeves.

In 2021 he initiated a writing crusade writing four novels and by 2024 had added four art books to the collection, the latter a compendium of all his artworks through the years. 

"It is a pleasure to share my art collection with kindred spirits. Hopefully filling them with joy and curiosity for the realms I explore and for life in general, as art truly is as inspirational as the people behind it, reflecting ourselves to ourselves in a space of awe and critic." - Pedro C. Goffe.